Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American teenager living in New Jersey, has become the new Ms. Marvel. The series, Ms. Marvel, is written by G. Willow Wilson and drawn by Adrian Alphona.

This blog serves to follow Kamala in current continuity while also promoting awareness of her existence. At the moment, Ms. Marvel features the only book with a Muslim female character as its lead.
Sharp-eyed fans may have noticed that there are three titles missing from the December 2014 solicits: “Ms. Marvel,” “Silver Surfer” and “Iron Fist: The Living Weapon” are not on listed, but fear not! CBR News has confirmed with Marvel that all three series are merely taking the month off. —CBR (x)


Join us in October to celebrate a whole month of your favorite WOC characters in Marvel & DC Comics and their imprints!

What's going to happen?

This October, we’re taking this chance to appreciate and celebrate the WOC characters from Marvel and DC Comics. The event format is in Single Day Themes and Five-Day Themes.

You can find the calendar for the Fest here.

WOCtober Halloween Contest

Because October is Halloween Month, we’re hosting a contest with that theme. There will be four categories: Fanart, Fanfiction, Graphics/Manips, Crafts. Each category will have a grand prize, a second prize winner and a third prize winner. Post any of your fanworks and tag it as #WOCtober Halloween Contest to count as an entry submission.

More information about the contest will be posted soon.

Most importantly!

HAVE FUN THIS MONTH! We mean it! Nothing is strictly enforced, the calendar is more of a suggested guide, and we are not going to be policing anyone or demanding you to post a certain way. You can celebrate your favorite WOC in whatever form you wish, be it fanart, fanfics, crafts, fanmixes, introduction posts, fanvids, cosplay, everything is okay!! Just bring on the love for the ladies and go wild. The tags we will be using are #WOCtober fest or #WOCtoberfest.

Do note that we strongly encourage an emphasis on canon WOC Marvel/DC characters. Fanon racebending is fine, but it should not dominate this event.

This event is run by DCWOC, MarvelWOC, Lornahs & Sirdef.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #7 (Release: October 8, 2014)
by Dan Slott, Christos Gage, & Giuseppe Camuncoli

Full preview can be found here.
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Ms. Marvel #8 by G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona, & Ian Herring


The Marvels and their pets.

Captain Marvel #7 & Ms Marvel #8


I’m loving this team-up.

Ms Marvel + Lockjaw 

I'm super excited for Kamala's team-up with spider man coming up in the comics. Do you know the release date of the two spider man comics with heron them?

I’m really excited too Anon! And yes I do! Amazing Spider-Man #7 will be released on October 8 and Amazing Spider-Man #8 will be released on October 22 (in between, Ms. Marvel #9 will be released on October 15). I’ve been trying to keep up with all the issues that Kamala appears in as well as the date that the issue is released on this page (hover to see release date) so check it out if there’s any confusion!

Hope that helps!

Congrats on six printings of Ms. Marvel #1 KamalaKorps!